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We invite members of our community to send us news and updates for circulation to our growing network.

The newsletter will go out every other Tuesday in English and French. Submissions should be received by 8am PT/11am ET/12pm AT on Monday for inclusion in that week’s newsletter. Submissions received after that time will be held for the next issue. Find the dates of past issues here.

Community updates should be 1-2 sentences long and can include a link or contact address for more information. Please provide your desired copy in French and/or English (both, if available!). CASCADES may make minor edits for clarity or style.

News, events and other updates should pertain to both health/healthcare/health systems and environment/climate/sustainability and can be local, provincial, national or international in scope.

Please note:

  • CASCADES cannot share materials that are commercial
  • Certain materials that are expressly political or pertaining to advocacy may require further discussion.

If you aren’t sure if this apples to your news, send us an email – we would be happy to discuss.