Creating a Sustainable Canadian Health System in a Climate Crisis

This fall, CASCADES will be running the Climate Conscious Inhaler Prescribing Collaborative – a learning opportunity based on an established spread model for Quality Improvement innovation.



CASCADES is supporting Canada’s healthcare community to transition toward a sustainable (net-zero, resilient) health system.

This project targets the healthcare community as a wholefront-line clinicians, administrators, and the associations that support the delivery of care across Canada’s provinces and territories. The healthcare community is a system of interconnected parts whose environmental impact is highly dependent on the arrangements and decisions made within that system (including through underlying mechanisms such as energy production, infrastructure and transport).

Model of Change

There is considerable existing capacity for sustainable health care in Canada. Many individuals and organizations already possess sustainability-related knowledge, skills and networks and have tested and implemented multiple sustainable health care practices and policies.

CASCADES aims to leverage, support and enhance this capacity.


By partnering with innovative leaders with expertise in sustainable healthcare, we develop resources to support the national implementation of effective strategies to reduce the impact of the Canadian healthcare system on climate change.


CASCADES’ staff and executive are located across the country, from Vancouver to St John.


CASCADES offers a suite of continuing professional development training programs for sustainable healthcare


CASCADES supports members of the healthcare community to gain knowledge, build their networks, and feel connected to a vibrant movement.


CASCADES selects four or more sustainable healthcare innovations to support per year.

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